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About the essays in Overland’s print magazine

The print edition of Overland publishes essays, polemics and other hard-hitting articles with a strong cultural or political analysis. As a quarterly, it cannot carry news articles or other content that will date quickly. Because space in the print edition is necessarily limited, material submitted in this category must justify its inclusion on the basis of originality, style, theoretical profundity or similar basis –it must, in short, stand the test of time. Academic articles may be refereed but Overland is a generalist publication and discourages specialist or narrowly scholastic submissions. Overland does not impose formal word limits but potential contributors should be aware that space limitations make longer pieces harder to accept.

The standard payment for nonfiction print essays is $500. Editor: Jacinda Woodhead.  

*We particularly encourage submissions from women writers, activists and academics. 


About subscribing to Overland

Overland is a not-for-profit magazine with a proud history of publishing ideas and voices often excluded from mainstream media and publishing outlets – but it would not exist without its subscribers. You can help support Overland by taking out an annual subscription, which start at $45, on our website.

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